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One year later

Prompted by a new project ahead, and having already opened different blogs with different hosts to learn through doing, I’m coming back to my Edublog space with renewed ideas, though I wouldn’t advise anybody to do what I’ve done. I feel I’m everywhere and nowhere, with comments and postings and records of experiences here and there, unable to trace back my evolution and the process which has led me here and everywhere else.

RitaZ’s hello world!

Another trial-and-learning goal…., podcasting!

I am well acaquainted with blogging, as I have run and keep running a couple of blogs at blogger.com with my students and with my CALL SIG colleagues in Rosario, Argentina. But this one looks different, and it’s a challenging option.

My intention is to be an active participant, but am afraid will be have to be absent for 2 weeks –Jan 24 to Febr 7– as it’s our summer holiday here and I’m travelling to Chile for a sightseeing spree.

Anyway, I know I’ll learn a lot, and am looking forward to understanding how to “syndicate and aggregate”, now in connection¬†with ipodding.

Visitors and prospective friends are most welcome…;-))